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There are so many amazing mobile games that help players relax, relieve anxiety, and just simply escape for a few minutes or even for a few hours. These mood-boosting mobile games often come with exceptional visuals, beautiful graphics, and engaging stories. Mobile games are also great choices for people who don’t have much gaming experience but want to try some of the most relaxing games with well-crafted stories.

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There is a fun mobile game for everyone, although sometimes it’s hard to find the right game since even cute games can be hard beat and can cause more stress and annoyance than fun. However, these adventurous, cute, and magical games are easy to play yet engaging for players of all levels and provide a well-deserved and joyous me-time.

8 Forest Island

  • Available for Android & iOS

Forest Island will surely boost anyone’s mood since this super charming idle game was designed to relieve stress and help with anxiety while elevating players’ moods. It’s a very simple game perfect for those too who don’t have any gaming experience.

The game also has comforting music and nature sounds along with forty different types of animals. Players can build and decorate their own island and fill it with various habitats from dears and wolves to alpacas. Players can choose from a wide variety of scenery too including forests and beaches too depending on what boosts their mood the most.

7 Journey

  • Available for Android & iOS

Journey is one of the best adventure games gaming fans can play on their phones too. It’s the best choice for those who find gorgeous visuals especially elevating. Players can also enjoy this game alone or with a fellow traveler depending on their mood.

Gamers get to control The Traveler and will explore a beguiling and vast world. The game stories are also interesting and fun and are based on the players’ choices. Its Grammy-nominated music adds even more atmosphere to this already enchanting game. The puzzle games are considerably easy but thanks to the heartfelt stories Journey offers memorable and unique gameplay.

6 Cats & Soup

  • Available for Android & iOS

Cats & Soup is one of the cutest cats in games that’ll surely boost any player’s mood. Players get to explore a peaceful animal forest where adorable cats make their soup. It’s one of the most charming idle games that help its players easily relax even if they have no prior gaming experience.

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Thanks to its fun and colorful art style and lovely cat characters the players can interact with, dress them, or take photos while listening to the game’s upbeat and relaxing music. Players will have to collect resources and cook delicious soups.

5 Broken Age

  • Available for Android & iOS

Broken Age is one of the most beautiful hand-animated point-and-click mobile games ever created. This family-friendly adventure game focuses on dialogue and puzzle solving and is set in a whimsical fantasy world with talking spoons and barfing trees which makes it the perfect mood-boosting game for players who love quirky and weird games.

The game’s story follows two teens, Vella and Shay, who live in two very different worlds, but they still have to go through similar situations. Players have to help the teens during their adventures and take control of their lives while switching between the two worlds.

4 Sky: Children of the Light

  • Available for Android & iOS

Sky: Children of the Light is one of the most stunning games with beautiful graphics, perfect for gamers and non-gamers alike. This game is set in a beautiful fantasy world where players control a child of light who has to explore seven realms and return ancestral spirits to the light.

The game’s world is breathtakingly beautiful and calming, and it teaches compassion while elevating its players’ moods. Players can explore magical places while flying across clouds and socializing with others in this mystery and fun puzzles-filled world.

3 Beyond Blue

  • Available for iOS

Beyond Blue is one of the most beautiful underwater games with great water physics and educational elements. The game has stunning graphics, relaxing music, and an almost meditative atmosphere. The game creators also partnered up with science-leading ocean experts to make sure that the game authentically reflects our planet’s underwater world.

So much so that players can even enjoy a couple of mini-documentaries with original footage and interviews with leading ocean experts. It’s a deeply relaxing and easy game with a one-of-a-kind immersive world that’ll surely make anyone’s day much more relaxing and enjoyable.

2 Viridi

  • Available for Android & iOS

Viridi simulation meditative potted plant where players get to choose from ten succulent pots to grow and nurture them. It’s a very simple yet surprisingly cheerful and relaxing game that can even inspire a player’s real-life home decor.

The game has a charming style, and players have to do fun things to nurture their plants like singing to them, so they would grow faster. Viridi is one of the most simple yet relaxing mobile games that doesn’t require a lot of the players’ time or any special skill set.

1 My Oasis

  • Available for Android & iOS

My Oasis is easily one of the most calming games that’s also incredibly fun and charming. It has relaxing sounds and music options, lovely animal characters, and is set in a beautifully designed fantasy world.

Players have to create their own oasis by collecting various wild animals and hearts. The oasis can also be expanded if players interact with the surrounding life. This game was created to relieve stress, so players don’t have to worry about complicated gameplay and can just simply enjoy the game as their calming and mood-boosting oasis grows.

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