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Playing games on mobile phones can be just as engaging and scary as it is on other gaming platforms. Mobile games improved a lot during the past few years, and the horror options have become more and more exciting. Horror fans can enjoy great graphics, chilling music, and some of the scariest serial killers in games who will make sure players have a bloody good time throughout the gameplay.

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However, there are also great retro mobile games that stood the test of time and are still enjoyable to play. Gamers can enjoy shooters, mysteries, and even multiplayers with surprisingly complex and chilling stories and some of the most horrifying ghosts and gaming monsters ever.

8 Forgotten Memories

  • Available for Android & iOS

Forgotten Memories is one of the most highly praised horror mobile games both by fans and critics alike. It’s a classic psychological survival game that provides a fantastic gaming experience on mobiles thanks to its emotional narrative, and its great sound and visual effects that create a moody and atmospheric environment.

This third-person horror game’s gameplay focuses on fear mechanics and players will have to explore and solve puzzles while trying to find Eden, a missing kid. Players will control Rose Hawkins who wakes up injured not knowing where she really is. As Rose starts looking for Eden she finds herself locked in a dark tragedy, and she can only get out if the mystery is solved.

7 Goosebumps Night Of Scares

  • Available for Android & iOS

Goosebumps Night Of Scares is based on the beloved R.L. Stine novels and players will have to survive interactions with some of his scariest monsters. It’s one of the most fun first-person horror games that provide some excellent jump scares. The show also had some actually scary episodes and this spooky survival game has a similar feel to it.

Players will have to hide and avoid being detected and trap monsters while solving mysteries in Stine’s haunted house. One of the most exciting options of Goosebumps Night Of Scares is that it has a VR mode that lets fans get close to the action as much as possible. Goosebumps enthusiasts will especially appreciate that they can meet some of their favorite monsters again, including werewolves, Slappy, and the evil gnomes.

6 Eyes

  • Available for Android & iOS

Eyes has a nice retro 90s horror movie feel and story. It’s a spooky survival horror game with creepy music and great graphics. Players can explore classic and terrifying horror locations like an abandoned hospital, a haunted house, and a desolated school too while trying to survive monster attacks.

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Fans can not only choose from multiple monsters but can also create their own. It’s a single player, but more competitive gamers can compete with others thanks to a global leader board. The players’ character breaks into the creepy mansion and will have to find its way through the maze-like building searching for money and escape from various supernatural attacks.

5 Into the Dead 2

  • Available for Android & iOS

Into the Dead is one of the best zombie games that’s perfect for those who enjoy first-person shooters or love The Walking Dead and looking for similar games. The game is praised for its brilliant graphics, great weapon selection, and difficult but exciting gameplay. Into the Dead also offers surprisingly beautiful scenery and is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Players will have to fight their way through a zombie apocalypse to save their families. The game gets gore fast and during the gameplay, players can mow down, maim and massacre the undead, and it’s not only violent but pretty graphic too. The game also has multiple endings, plenty of immersive locations, and hundreds of challenges that keep players entertained for a long while.

4 Limbo

  • Available for Android & iOS

While Limbo doesn’t have jump scares or gore it’s a fairly terrifying game in its own unique way. Limbo is one of the most haunting puzzle games with depth and with simple yet beautiful graphics that are accompanied by atmospheric music and bizarre characters. It’s the perfect horror mobile game for those who love to play unusual games with dark themes.

Players control an unnamed boy who is searching for his sister. Gamers have to avoid various traps while making their way through the haunting landscapes. Limbo can be challenging at times but thanks to its imaginative puzzle designs and gripping story it always stays entertaining.

3 The Room: Old Sins

  • Available for Android & iOS

The Room: Old Sins is a multi-award-winning spooky escape room game that’s praised as one of the best puzzle games of all time. This game doesn’t have any gore, killers, or blood. However, it has a spooky atmosphere and a peculiar story which makes it perfect for those who love more casual horror games.

Players can explore the highly-detailed and haunting dollhouse in the Waldegrave Manor’s attic while solving creative puzzles and following odd clues to solve the mystery surrounding the engineer and his wife’s baffling disappearance. One of the most exciting things about the game is its interactive objects that have secret hidden mechanisms which make the gameplay more exciting and unique.

2 Dead by Daylight

  • Available for Android & iOS

Dead by Daylight is a spooky and fun multiplayer horror mobile game that was inspired by cult classic slasher movies. Players can choose from various characters and can be survivors or be the killer themselves. This game has an impressive killer selection since players can choose to become some of the most iconic movie killers including Ghost Face, Michael Myers, and Amanda Young.

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The killer will have to find ways to get close to and kill their victims while the survivors have to escape and survive the attacks. Dead by Daylight has great graphics, randomly generated maps, deep progression system, and it has some of the best gaming weapons thanks to its unique character selection.

1 Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror

  • Available for Android & iOS

Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror is a thrilling and terrifying online team-based action horror mobile game. Players can become the killers themselves or join one of the 7 survivor groups and try to escape the killer while playing with others in real-time.

Horrorfield Multiplayer Horror has great graphics with atmospheric locations, cool traps and secrets, a fun story, and a great killer selection which make this spooky hide and seek online game one of the bests. What makes this game unique is that depending on which survivor groups or killers the player chooses to play they will have unique roles and abilities they can use during the gameplay. While being a new player can be difficult, this game is definitely worth the while.

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