Buick’s Wildcat concept shows how the brand is approaching EVs


Buick is finally joining GM’s EV transition, and it’s ready to tease what you can expect. The badge has unveiled a Wildcat EV concept car that previews both the design language and technology for production models. The two-plus-two coupe sports a sharper, more aggressive look than Buicks from the past, and includes a few clever tricks you rarely see in other electric cars.

Micro-LEDs and thin-beam projectors not only provide front lighting, but greet you as you enter the vehicle. You can see a state of charge indicator through the hatchback glass. The cabin unsurprisingly includes plenty of displays (including an ultra-wide main screen and a secondary panel), but there’s also a “Zen Mode” that dims the lights, massages you through the seat and even sprays aromatherapy scents through the interior.

GM didn’t provide performance specs for the Wildcat, and stressed the concept would “influence” production Buick EVs rather than serve as a prototype. The coupe design is a notable break from Buick’s usual SUVs, though. While executives in a Q&A session wouldn’t confirm a shift in body styles, they hinted the Ultium platform enabled a variety of EV designs.

Buick Wildcat EV concept interior


It’s also clear that GM intends to use Buick as a vanguard for its electrification plans. The first production Buick EV (expected to be the Electra SUV) doesn’t arrive until 2024, but the lineup will be fully electrified by 2030 — five years ahead of GM’s deadline for ditching combustion engines. Buick won’t be alone when Cadillac and Hummer are on similar paths, but it’s evident you’ll have plenty of choice in American luxury EVs over the next few years.

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