Demeo Is Getting A 2-Player Doubles Mode


You’ll soon be able to play Demeo with one other friend instead of three.

Over the weekend, Resolution Games revealed that a Doubles mode is now in the works for the turn-based tabletop VR game. This mode will allow two players to control two characters each on otherwise normal dungeon runs, essentially filling up the roles of a normal four-player campaign with half the number of players.

Demeo Doubles Mode Announced

That’s a pretty great idea for those that don’t have three other friends that own a copy of Demeo, or simply want to organize quickly meeting up with one ally, not three. Even with Demeo now available on flatscreen PCs, it can be hard to find that many friends to form up a party on a whim. No release date was given for the mode, so it’s likely not going to be available in the coming campaign expansion (more on that in a second).

Doubles isn’t all that’s in the works for Demeo right now. Last week saw the launch of an update to the Heroes’ Hangout which players paint figurines together. Later this month will also see the launch of the game’s fourth major new campaign, bringing with it a new playable character.

Would you be interested in a two-player Demeo mode? Let us know in the comments below!