Quentin Tarantino is getting his own film podcast on Stitcher


Four decades after famed film director Quentin Tarantino and his “Pulp Fiction” co-writer Roger Avary started their employment at Video Archives in 1983, the pair are reuniting once again to host a podcast exploring those seminal moments and the movies that influenced their later careers in The Video Archives Podcast, premiering on Sirius Stitcher later this summer. 

“We never imagined that 30 years after we worked together behind the counter at Video Archives, we would be together again doing the exact same thing we did back then: talking passionately about movies on VHS,” Tarantino and Avary said in a joint statement. “Watching movies was what originally brought us together and made us friends, and it’s our love of movies that still brings us together today.”

The films will be pulled from Tarantino’s extensive collection of more than 8,000 tapes and DVDs — Video Archives’ actual archives that he bought after the rental shop went out of business. 

Sirius has been working to develop its spoken word offerings in recent years, launching three new Marvel podcasts in 2020, reviving Lucille Ball’s old radio show, buying “99 Percent Invisible,” and purchasing not only Conan O’Brien’s podcast but his entire media company to boot. The Engadget Podcast, on the other hand, is entirely subscription-free while Filmcast, from Engadget’s own Senior Editor Devindra Hardawar, has all the movie references with (I assume) far fewer N-bombs than Tarantino’s.

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