Save Humanity As A Shiba Inu In This New VR Game


Man’s best friend… literally.

Coming soon to major VR headsets, HUMANITY is a unique-looking VR puzzle game that tasks you with guiding hordes of mostly brainless humans through a series of otherworldly obstacles. Taking on the role of a ghost-like Shiba Inu, you’ll use a series of basic commands to safely escort your army of faceless followers from point A to point B.

According to the official website, HUMANITY will feature 90 stages to complete at launch, each with its own unique challenges to overcome. You can command your horde to climb, float, jump, push, or shoot depending on the situation. As you progress, you’ll unlock additional skills that will assist you in your journey. There’s even a level creator tool, allowing you to design your own courses and share them with the community.

Developer Enhance is also offering a limited-time demo on all platforms (Meta Quest headset and controller support only) from now until March 6th, 2023. Here’s what you can expect from the demo (as provided by Enhance):

Credit: Enhance
  • 10 stages – A variety of levels sampled from the first few areas of the full game, which features over 90 stages in its Story mode.
  • User Stages (Beta) – Check out levels created by other players! Browse curated playlists of the best community-produced content, refreshed regularly, or search by tag for hidden gems.
  • Stage Creator (Beta) – A super-intuitive set of tools and tutorials that will have anyone making their own levels within minutes, so they can share them with the larger community!
  • Optional VR compatibility – Players with a PS VR2, PS VR, or PC VR headset (note: in this Demo, only the Meta Quest headset and controllers are officially supported, but the full game will support more headsets) can immerse themselves even deeper within the world of HUMANITY.

via Enhance

HUMANITY will be available in May 2023 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. As previously mentioned, the game will also feature support for PlayStation VR, PlayStation VR2, and PC VR headsets via Steam.

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Feature Image Credit: Enhance