11 New PlayStation VR2 Games Revealed By Sony


Almost a dozen new and existing VR games coming to PS VR2.

Sony has officially unveiled the price and release date for its PlayStation VR2 headset. The highly-anticipated device will be available this coming February starting at $549.99. As part of the announcement, the company announced 11 new PS VR2 games coming in 2023.

Here’s what players have to look forward to when PlayStation VR2 launches next year:

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

  • Developer: Supermassive Games

Switchback VR makes use of the PS VR2’s improved haptic technology to immerse you in a next-gen rollercoaster experience that will have you battling ghostly apparitions throughout a haunted Ghost Ship. The game is set inside The Dark Pictures Anthology universe, so expect plenty of scares.

Switchback VR will take players for a multi-sensory ride on where they’ll need to survive the terrifying Ghost Ship and its distorted apparitions, confront hideous demonic incarnations of persecuted ‘witches’ in 17th-century New England and then fight for your life against other-worldly vampires trapped beneath the desert,” said Alejandro Arque Gallardo, game director at Supermassive Games.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

  • Developer: Smilegate

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is a VR first-person shooter that tasks you with leading an elite fireteam through a variety of intense missions as you investigate the origins of a top-secret biochemical weapon. The game features 60 campaign missions in total, during which you’ll face various enemies powered by artificial intelligence. You can play the game by yourself or cooperatively with up to four other players.

“The weapons you’ll find and use in Crossfire: Sierra Squad are also as varied as you would expect,” said Fred White, director of marketing at Smilegate West. “39 types of weapons including pistols, rifles, throwable – and throw back-able – grenades, and sniper rifles with revolutionary scope mechanics give you plenty of options to dispatch 17 types of enemies. You’ll also engage with heavy artillery like helicopters and LAVs in full 360-degree VR space, so make sure you keep your head on a swivel.”

  • Developer: Funktronic Labs 

The Light Brigade is a unique-looking single-player experience that uses procedural generation technology to immerse you in a never-ending series of intense battles. The game features a combination of physics-based gunplay and magical spells. As you climb the ranks to the Light Brigade and rescue your brothers-in-arms, you can improve upon your temple headquarters to unlock new weapons, spells, shops, and classes.

“As the last line of defense against the darkness, you will enlist in the ranks of the Light Brigade and journey into the Sunken World as many times as it takes,” said Eddie Lee, president of Funktronic Labs. “Pieced together from shattered memories, these procedurally-generated battlegrounds are filled with enemies lurking around every corner. You will be forced to strategically navigate through dense forests, frozen mountains, and forgotten graveyards with a steady rifle and light magic to keep the shadows at bay.”

Cities VR – Enhanced Edition

  • Developer: Fast Travel Games 

Originally released on Meta Quest 2 earlier this year, Cities VR is a VR adaptation of the popular city-building game Cities: Skylines. The game allows you to step into the role of mayor to build and manage your very own metropolis. Cities VR: Enhanced Edition takes advantage of the powerful PlayStation 5 console as well as PS VR2’s Sense controllers to deliver, well, an enhanced version of the game.

“With the power of the PS5 we’re able to bring you great detail, allowing you to watch your city come alive all the way from the bustling streets to a bird’s eye view in a smooth experience,” said Henning Sundell and Leon Andersson, game designers at Fast Travel Games. “With the help of the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, the building of your city has never felt more responsive.”

Cosmonious High

  • Developer: Owlchemy Labs

Another port of an existing VR game, Cosmonious High is brought to us by the same team behind Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator, so you know you’re in for a treat. In this light-hearted single-player experience, you play a new student at an otherworldly school suffering from a series of major malfunctions. The PS VR2 version introduces a number of improvements, including 4K rendering at 90 frames-per-second, real-time shadows, and more realistic player avatars powered by eye-tracking.

“Players will experience VR like they never have before with the PS VR2 Sense controllers and headset feedback, allowing feedback to be felt from a player’s hands to their head — feel the wind, water, and even balls of paint as players interact with their surroundings,” added Devin Reimer, CEO (Chief Executive Owl) of Owlchemy Labs.

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue

  • Developer: tinyBuild Games

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices in which you’re tasked with infiltrating your neighbor’s home to discover whatever secrets he’s hiding in his basement. The game uses artificial technology to learn your playing style and adapt accordingly, offering a challenging escape room-type experience. Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue brings that same white-knuckle action to VR for the first time.

“We hope you’re as excited as we are to play Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue on PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation VR, which will be cross-buy on release!,” said Tori Gerbeshi, community manager at tinyBuild Games. “We’ll share lots of exciting news and details about the game down the road, so keep your eyes peeled. We look forward to seeing you around the Neighborhood soon!”

Credit: Coatsink

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection

  • Developer: Coatsink

Jurassic World Aftermath was originally released on Meta Quest VR headsets back in 2020. The stealth-based action game has you running and hiding from all types of man-eating dinosaurs. As if coming face-to-face with a velociraptor wasn’t cool enough, original Jurassic Park actors Laura Bailey and Jeff Goldblum have returned to lend their voices.

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection for PS VR2 includes both Part 1 and Part 2 and makes use of the headset rumble and 3D audio to immerse you even further in the experience. There’s also a new feature: the Dino Viewer.

“One of the team’s favorite moments was walking around the dinosaurs in the headset and getting a real sense of scale,” said Ray Willmott, brand strategy manager at Thunderful. “This inspired us to build a brand-new feature for this release—The Dino Viewer —a walking, living museum where players can get up close and personal with their favorite dinosaurs. It’s the perfect way to say ‘hi’ to a T. rex without the fear of being eaten!”

Pistol Whip VR

  • Developer: Cloudhead Games

The award-winning VR rhythm shooter is back and better than ever thanks to PS VR2’s 3D spatial audio, headset rumble, solid-state drive (SSD) optimization, and the Sense controllers’ adaptive triggers. Existing PS VR owners can pick up the PS VR2 version for free.

“The new haptics allow you to re-experience Pistol Whip like never before,” said Lucas Sitanski, designer at Cloudhead Games. “Feel the rush of a bullet grazing your head, the clicks of reloading your gun, and more realistic vibrations when firing.” 

“An enhanced version of the game will introduce more depth and dimension to the blood-pumping action with headset feedback and haptic feedback, finger touch detection, and seriously boosted loading speed,” added Alex Blahout, digital & social marketing at Cloudhead Games.

Zenith: The Last City

  • Developer: Ramen VR

Zenith: The Last City is one of the most popular massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games available on VR headsets. Since its launch this past January, the developers have introduced hundreds of hours of additional content, numerous visual upgrades, and more. The game will be available as a launch title for PS VR2 alongside a handful of new features, including a new storyline, a pet system, advanced haptics, faster loading times, and improved visuals.

“I’m excited to share Zenith: The Last City is coming to PlayStation VR2 as a first-day launch title!,” said Kristani Alcantara, chief of staff at Ramen VR. “The team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, so I promise you this is not the same Zenith since launch. We added hundreds of hours of new content, made massive graphics updates, and leveraged the PS VR2 features to bring you a truly next-level experience of Zenith’s gorgeous open world.”

After the Fall

  • Developer: Vertigo Games

When it comes to making VR zombie games, you’ll find few developers more qualified than Vertigo Games. The team’s latest title, After the Fall, is their most ambitious yet. The cooperative action-adventure experience has you navigating post-apocalyptic LA in search of valuable supplies while battling hordes of the undead. The PS VR2 version of the game takes advantage of the headset’s improved haptics and advanced Sense controllers to further immerse you in the horror. Full cross-platform multiplayer allows you to battle zombies alongside your friends regardless of what platform they’re on.

“Feel the vibrations in your environment as the Smasher storms towards you, and the hits of Snowbreed as they attack you, through headset feedback,” said Pepijn van Duijn, game designer at Vertigo Games. “This is one of the best-looking VR worlds we’ve made, bolstered by the 4K HDR display. Scan your surroundings for threats through a whopping 110-degree field-of-view – be sure to not blink!”


  • Developer: Firepunchd Games UG

Originally released this past March, Tentacular is easily one of the strangest VR games of the year. In this bizarre single-player experience, you take on the role of a kind-hearted kaiju and help an island of pint-sized humans with a series of unique tasks using your physics-driven tentacles. The PS VR2 version includes several new features, including the ability to interact with NPCs using eye-tracking, enhanced 3D audio, and immersive headset rumble.

“As well as feeling the weight of the world around you, you’ll also feel its effects through headset vibration,” says the description. “Whether it’s waving your appendages in the air (like you just don’t care) to the thumping bass from a rooftop DJ, or the impact of an out-of-this-world power surge pulsating through your body, your senses will explode with excitement.”

For more information on all of the PlayStation VR2 games announced today visit here.

Feature Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment